The Greasy Dozen Run

May 24-26th 2019 Columbus, Ohio


What is the "Greasy Dozen Run"

A free Grassroots motorcycle event! You read that correctly...FREE

In honor of the builders efforts, sponsors and the followers of The Greasy Dozen we host this free event. The Greasy Dozen Run is an organized ride through some of Ohio's best winding back roads. The run starts in Columbus, Ohio and lead's to the campsite where the festivities will be held, builders bikes will be on display, bike games, camping, food, and much more! More Details to come (if you can't make the run, you can ride straight to the camp site at your convenience). 


The GDR remains a traditional grassroots motorcycle event that is built around bringing like minded individual's together! We want to give back to the people who help keep these small shops and business afloat in a world run by large corporations. The Greasy Dozen Run is a free event and will remain a free event as long as we're around! You're probably wondering what is included in this free event... so here are the details!

Friday May 24th
The Greasy Dozen Pre Party: 

*Details coming soon

Saturday May 25th
The Greasy Dozen Run: 

*Details coming soon